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Minneapolis Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services

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free quote-7-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

What is 5+4?

Minneapolis kitchen and bath remodeling services is a home remodeling group of contractors that deal in bath and kitchen remodeling plus home additions.

As we all know, remodeling a kitchen and a bathroom is a procedure that involves improving one existing kitchen condition.  It can also be taking down the whole kitchen and starting a new one from scratch. All of these processes involve cheeping in a lot of money and finances. Due to these, we advise you to be careful when choosing the contractors who will remodel your bath and kitchen. Therefore, we advocate for Minneapolis kitchen and bath services. We are a group of remodelers who will improve your kitchen condition, improve your bathroom and even add your home. We are the best and we offer quality services to both our customers. What do Minneapolis kitchen and bath remodels deal in?

Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

We deal in kitchen remodeling

  • Bath remodeling
  • Home addition

Kitchen Remodeling

This is the major category that Minneapolis deals in. we have professional kitchen remodelers who are also highly experienced and experts. We also have worked with so many clients who needed their kitchen remodeled [kitchen remodeling minneapolis] and both of them were happy with the results. We also have testimonials about our good work and our hard work. If at all you are doubting if we are legit, Minneapolis kitchen and bath remodels are a licensed group of contractors. Be rest assured, your kitchen is in the best hands. Contact us at Minneapolis kitchen remodels and get a smile whenever you see your kitchen.

The Remodeling Kitchen Services that we offer include

  • We offer kitchen designs
  • Kitchen surfaces and countertops
  • Doors and windows
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Kitchen painting
  • Appliances

The above mentioned among other services are the services that Minneapolis kitchen remodeling contractors deal in. we do both commercial and traditional kitchen remodeling. This means we remodel both the residential kitchen and the commercial kitchens. So, in case you are afraid of contacting us thinking that we only deal with big places, this is the time to get that idea out of your head. Though we do both kitchen remodeling [kitchen & bath minneapolis mn], we tend to focus much on the restaurant kitchen remodeling. This is because restaurant kitchen remodeling is much common than residential kitchen remodeling.

To be sure of what we are capable of in your restaurant kitchen, let us have the pleasure of giving you more information about what we can really do. First of all, before setting up your restaurant kitchen or before remodeling it, we give you a free consultation on what you should consider before setting up your restaurant kitchen.

The things to consider before setting up a restaurant kitchen include:

  • The energy to be used
  • The total space in your restaurant
  • How safe is the kitchen design chosen
  • Consider the comfortability of your employees
  • How flexible is the design [kitchen remodel contractor minneapolis mn]
  • Does it have enough ventilation?
  • Cleanliness is also important
  • The type of meals being prepared in the restaurant
  • Consider choosing a design that is universal

After considering the above-mentioned things about your kitchen, you can now go ahead and choose a kitchen design of your choice. We encourage our customers to choose a kitchen design that everyone can use. by this we mean, choose a design that is simple but beautiful. Therefore, we will gladly take you through the designs that we offer here at Minneapolis kitchen remodels. We do consultation but the final choice is left to you.

The Restaurant Kitchen Designs Minneapolis Remodels Offer

The Line Design

This is a kitchen design that we offer here at Minneapolis kitchen contractors [kitchen remodel minneapolis mn]. This kind of kitchen is suitable especially when space is limited. This will mean that, if you choose this kind of kitchen, you will be required to have a small number of dishes and the food prepared should be fast-moving food. The fast-moving food includes food like pizza and fries. This kind of food can be served as take away hence minimizing the dishes in your kitchen.

The Centered Kitchen Design

This is a type of kitchen design that Minneapolis encourages especially if your restaurant is anticipated to be very busy and of many activities going on within the restaurant. By centered we mean that the cooking and foodstuff preparation is done at the center of the kitchen. Therefore, the central part of the kitchen has countertops. Tables and cooking zones for meal preparation. The sides of the kitchen are then set aside for dishwashing and other activities.

Zoned Kitchen Design

Zoned Kitchen design is another type of kitchen design that is good for your restaurant kitchen activities. Zoned kitchens are divided into sections that look like blocks .each section is strictly meant for a specific task. For example, if there is a zone meant for cooking, no other activity can take place there apart from cooking alone.

The above-mentioned and discussed kitchen designs are some of the kitchen designs that we offer here at Minneapolis kitchen contractors. After knowing some of the designs that we offer, it is our pleasure to know other services that we offer inside your kitchen apart from the designs.

Services Minneapolis offer in the Kitchen

  • The lighting of the kitchen
  • Countertops remodeling
  • We also offer good kitchen tiles
  • We remodel kitchen sinks
  • We make sure your doors and windows are in order
  • We offer kitchen equipment
  • We also remodel kitchen cabinets.
Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations

Kitchen Countertops

We offer kitchen countertops remodeling services and also surface remodeling services. As we well know, no restaurant kitchen can really service without a kitchen countertop. This means that countertops are good and important for the daily routine of the restaurant kitchen. For you to achieve and attain comfortability around your kitchen, it’s important that your countertops look presentable and cute. That were Minneapolis kitchen contractors come in . We have materials and suggestions that suit each and every restaurant countertop. The material that we suggest in making your countertops include:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Quartz surfaces

Kitchen Sinks

Sinks in the kitchen are essential for cleaning dishes, cleaning the hands, and general cleanliness of the kitchen. Therefore, sinks cannot be avoided when remodeling your kitchen. Due to that, Minneapolis kitchen contractors offer you a full kitchen sink remodeling service that you will love. We make sure that your kitchen sink has material that is long-lasting and economical. By this, you will be able to incur a low sink maintenance cost and you will enjoy the durability. The materials that we suggest for you include stainless steel, porcelain, stone, composite, and even glass. This material will not only make your sinks look classy but also attractive.

Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations

Kitchen Cabinets

Minneapolis offers the following under your kitchen cabinets:

  • Teddy Wood for your cabinet construction,
  • The Marilla Masterpiece,
  • Marsh Furniture,
  • Custom cabinets,
  • Solid Wood Construction,
  • Dovetail to Stainless Steel Drawer,
  • Soft- Close Features,

Kitchen Lighting

Though we provide kitchen lighting, we encourage our customers to choose a kitchen design that will save on the use of electric lighting by having natural lighting. We provide a different types of kitchen lighting .this includes general lighting, cabinet lighting, and even kitchen lighting. Do you need advice on how your kitchen lighting should be remodeled, Minneapolis is a good solution to your problem. Conductus, we promise that you won’t regret choosing us as your remodeling partner.

Kitchen Tiles.

When choosing on your kitchen tiles, we advise you to choose a file system that is easy to clean, easy to maintain and economical. Due to that, at Minneapolis kitchen remodels [kitchen and bath remodeling minneapolis mn], we offer you a variety of kitchen tiles. All you need is to choose what you really want. We will make sure that we advise you appropriately. This will be able to be with you all through the decision-making process. This will make sure that you make the right decision about your floor and are satisfied with it.

Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations

Bath remodeling

This is the second category that we offer right here at Minneapolis bath contractors.is your bath old, do you want to innovate a bathroom? Minneapolis has a group of professionals who are experienced in this kind of remodeling. We offer a variety of bath remodeling services.  The services include

  • Bath Shower remodeling
  • Bath Tub and shower installation
  • Bath Tub and shower conversion
  • Remodeling of Shower door and enclosures
  • Remodeling of Bathroom cabinets
  • We provide Jacuzzi and spa tubs
  • We also remodel Bath wall surrounds

Minneapolis bath and kitchen remodels are the only remodeling contractors that are qualified and good for the remodeling services that you need. We have so many individuals who have experienced [kitchen and bath remodeling minneapolis] and love their work. Contact us at Minneapolis kitchen and bath remodels and smiles with joy.

Bath and kitchen remodeling is one of the best finishing that you can give to your space. There is no better way of the face lifting your home than going for a kitchen and bath remodel. There are several designs for implementing this project but you need to get the one that will meet your needs with the highest level of accuracy. Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions is the best bet when looking for someone to implement such a project. The company has the right team and equipment to implement any kind of kitchen and bath remodeling project. Call us today and you can be sure of the best kitchen and bath remodeling projects.